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Self-confidence: what it is and how to work it

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In self-confidence, there is a power that we all have, which is to believe in ourselves. Throughout our personal development, we are polishing our defects and our virtues. Based on our experience and learning, we are shaping the unique being that we are. One factor that helps us move forward is self-confidence …

Both for the development of self-esteem and personal growth, there is a basic need to trust oneself. Without good trust, we become paralyzed, flee, and avoid every unknown experience, believing that we will not cope with it. In self-confidence lies the impulse that makes us grow and enrich ourselves in the face of the great diversity of experiences.

Our vision of the world depends on how we see ourselves and our relationship with other people. We are creating a concept about ourselves based on how we think others see us. However, we must not lose sight of how we see ourselves. Since depending on this, we will focus our attention more on the positive or negative aspects.

A reasonably common bias is to keep a part of things instead of seeing the whole. How we have developed our self-confidence helps us see beyond the criticisms, the results, or the mistakes made. Facilitates understanding and compassion to reach acceptance. Next, we will see in more detail what self-confidence consists of and how to work it.
Believing in yourself is the foundation for your self-confidence.

If at this point, you are still wondering what self-confidence consists of, we will detail this most crucial aspect a little more. This characteristic is typical of all people, although people have it more developed, and others who have it much less. The important thing is that we all have this intrinsic perception.

Self-confidence is based on the image that we have created of ourselves since childhood. A self-image that we are shaping about the experiences we live, and of course, mainly to the interaction that we maintain with the other people around us …

This concept that we develop about ourselves helps us to trust and believe in our abilities, in our ability to acquire learning, and ultimately, to continue growing through experiences. Trusting yourself is the basis for an excellent personal assessment, which means better self-esteem and greater security.
Personal valuation

What happens when we have low self-confidence? What happens is that we underestimate what we can achieve, and in that way, we do not dare to carry out our dreams and illusions. We block ourselves from challenges and settle into comfort. We thus limit our experiences and capacities to develop ourselves.
Stop always comparing yourself to the same people.

It would help if you stopped comparing yourself to other people. If you can’t help but compare yourself, it’s because you probably don’t know them well enough. Nowadays, social networks and the media make it very easy for specific people to offer only their best side and keep many other things under lock and key. And all this, with or without a paid image consultant.
The importance of feeling comfortable with yourself

Think, for example, of the time you have spent choosing the photos to upload in your virtual profiles or of the meticulousness with which you choose specific phrases. That’s what a lot of people who get news about you constantly do every day, and it is quite possible that many of them still care more than you do in making sure that all this news speaks about a fascinating personality. Therefore, working on your self-confidence should include a phase in which you go from idealizing these people to humanizing them, that is, considering their defects or the lack of information about them.

If our way of thinking already incorporates patterns of selective attention, the mass media and the Internet make this restricted access to a few pieces of information even more definitive. This brings us to the next point.

Recognize the effects that propaganda has on your self-esteem

Self-confidence and self-esteem are closely related, and that is why you should pay attention to both if you want to intervene on your possibilities of changing your attitude and emotional style. However, effective propaganda and advertising devices are almost exclusively in charge of offering niche markets to large organizations by creating insecurities for people. If you are a woman, for example, you will have noticed that there is excellent media pressure to pressure
narrating women to the ideal of feminine beauty, something that ultimately does not exist.

Something similar happens with practically all the elements of our life: architecture, cars, the personalities of movie heroes, etc.
Detoxify the ideals of film and television

Realizing that self-esteem, positive or negative, can be learned and unlearned and influenced by media and cultural elements shows that a negative self-image does not reflect our nature. Therefore, considering the social pressures that influence us is imperative to preserve the authenticity and not let the publicity sink us emotionally.

Take care of your health

Although self-confidence is subjective, it is easier to make it positive if you make small objective changes in your life. Maintaining good habits of regular exercise, proper nutrition, and hygiene is something simple to achieve, and, in addition to providing you with benefits of all kinds, it can indirectly improve your self-esteem.
Men’s healthy in a healthy body

When our body works better, it is noticed by everyone (and also by oneself). Multiple studies are linking physical to mental well-being, so you shouldn’t underestimate this point.
Why are there people with better self-confidence than others? This has to do above all with the value we place on the opinion of others how the valuation of other people and their criticism affects us. When we give more importance to what others say about us and try to meet their expectations without having previously observed our motivations, dreams, and worth in the face of difficulties, it is inevitable to create a distorted and undervalued image of ourselves.

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