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This also means adapting the diet according to quality and not quantity. The focus is on foods with high nutrient density and low energy density.

Eat unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruit, low-fat meat, healthy fats, dairy products, and eggs.

An active metabolism reduces excess body fat directly and safely. In addition, with the burning of fat, stored toxins are eliminated more quickly.

Too many toxins can prevent healthy and effective weight loss. Radically cutting calories leads to more significant weight loss but depletes essential resources.

Valuable muscle mass is lost, which helps you reach your goal faster and maintain it during fat burning.

Burn fat with the correct nutrient supply

A balanced diet with controlled calories is the key to successfully burning fat. Proper food choices and maintaining a nutritional plan are crucial.

High-quality proteins, carbohydrates rich in plant fibres, and healthy fats form the basis of the nutritional plan.

In general, carbohydrate intake is reduced, and protein intake is increased.

Based on your daily caloric needs, our nutrient distributor calculates the exact nutrient intake for different goals. In this way, you can easily create a nutritional plan yourself.

Nutrient intake calculator
Your training goal
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Your caloric needs
Your caloric needs kcal *

Depending on individual needs, aim for at least 2 to 2.5 g per kilogram of weight for fat burning.

This is why a high protein intake is essential to burn fat:

It helps prevent muscle loss
Thus, it avoids the decrease in basal metabolism (active metabolism)
It satisfies a lot and reduces appetite
Avoid predisposition to a rebound effect

Carbohydrates are the fuel for your fat-burning training sessions. Only a moderate and sufficient carbohydrate intake of 1 to 2 g per kilogram of weight stabilizes the level of training, and it is possible to increase its intensity.

It is not advisable to burn fat without carbohydrates. Before long, it was giving up carbohydrates leads to performance declines and emotional swings.

Complex carbohydrates, such as whole foods, rolled oats, rice, and potatoes, fill up for longer and counteract energy loss. Avoid sugar, white flour products, baked goods, and pasta to burn body fat instead of storing it.

When it comes to burning fat, the contribution of healthy fats plays a critical role in hormonal balance and the release of testosterone.

To gain muscle mass, approximately 1 g of fat is required for every kilogram of weight. The contribution of saturated fatty acids to reduce excess fat is considered risky for health.

These are found in many convenience foods, industrial pastries, and potato chips.

Choose vegetable fats that contain enough vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. Essential and valuable foods for the body are coconut oil, olive oil, flax oil, fish (cod, salmon), walnuts and avocado.

Check, correct and maintain body weight

The goal of burning fat is characterized by weight loss. In the beginning, you lose weight very quickly.

Over time, progress becomes less and less as the body tries to balance, and the metabolism gets used to the reduced caloric content. Fewer hormones are released, the metabolic rate drops, and the body demands more calories.

If you lower your metabolic rate, you burn fewer calories. The consequence can be a stagnation in weight loss, and this can be due to many reasons:

Irregular training, excessive weights or not sticking to the nutritional plan can quickly lead to stagnation or weight gain.

To avoid or delay possible stagnation, it is essential to check the weight beforehand, correct it if necessary and maintain it.
Checking the weight:

Monitor the current status of the fat percentage for at least 1-2 weeks. Compare the result with the weight of the beginning.
Checking your training and eating:

How was the last week of training? Have you strictly followed the nutritional plan to burn fat?
Tip: Document your daily calorie intake with a nutrition diary—track training sessions and progress with a training logbook.


Have you kept training and eating strictly for a week, but nothing is reflected on the scale? Then it would help if you changed the following:

Increase the intensity and amount of resistance training
Continue to reduce only calories
Alternative: reduce the number of calories and the size of the portions

Whatever improvements and adjustments you have made, keep the changes for at least a week. Repeat the process and compare the results achieved.

Tip: Even when no progress is visible, stick to these new habits. Take a break every two or three repetitions of the process; a strategic break is recommended.

Strategic pause: restart to burn fat

A planned intermediate stop can be established if more than three months of caloric deficit have been maintained without progress.

A strategic break gives the metabolism a chance to recover and stimulate fat burning and hormonal balance. Rest time is not only a boost to make progress in training and on the scale; it is also positive for the mind.

On those “recharge” days, planned breaks allow off-diet foods or eating more than actual hunger. This increases motivation and releases hormones of happiness.


Eat above your caloric deficit for up to two weeks. Increase the number of calories the same as you previously decreased. If you stay within your caloric needs, you are not at risk of creating fat.

There is no cause for concern, even if you see that the scale shows a greater weight after a week. The increase is related to the additional glycogen stored.

To continue to burn fat successfully, the nutritional plan and the training plan must be adapted. Reduce calories again moderately and adjust the nutrient intake.

The training plan is modified utilizing new exercises and adjustments in the intensity and volume to stimulate the muscles.

Drink green tea

In addition to drinking water, you should drink tea because they help eliminate toxins and lose weight. An excellent example is green tea since it has catechins, an antioxidant that helps reduce the belly. See the recipe for five other types of teas to lose weight faster here.

You can also ingest a diuretic tea, such as horsetail tea, which helps to eliminate excess fluids from the body, making the belly less swollen. See some teas with diuretic properties.

Perform physical activity daily

To improve the appearance of the tummy, you can perform flat irons, as the image above shows. To perform this exercise, you must stay in a completely horizontal position, resting your elbows on the ground without the buttocks being too high or too low. For this exercise to take effect, you must commit to doing it every day for at least 1 minute. If you want to do a complete routine, you can do the plank by keeping one foot in the air for another minute and then swapping the foot.

Two other secrets to burn fat are jogging or running because, in this way, the body uses up the accumulated fat as a source of energy. However, it is also essential to perform some localized exercise for the abdominal area or exercises to increase muscle, increasing metabolism naturally. See some routines to increase muscle mass at home.

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