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End of confinement. Traumatologist advice for everyone.

End of confinement.

End of confinement. Trauma advises avoiding fractures in children, falls in the elderly, or worsening bone problems. All the experts explain or predict what will happen when this happens. What I will tell you is a reflection of mine and my health colleagues.

The chicken stampede meme as the end of confinement.

We have all seen that meme, and as a trauma, a shiver makes my skin crawl, so here are my tips for not ending up as a headless chicken.

Traumatologists fear the avalanche of fractures that we foresee will come with the end of confinement.

On the one hand, fractures in children (you should know that on Three Kings Day, January 6, there are usually more fractures due to “new toys”) and the fractures that our elders will suffer due to low muscle mass and poor balance.
End of confinement. Trauma advice: for potatoes.
End of confinement. For potatoes: children are not made of rubber.

End of confinement. For potatoes: children are not made of rubber.

Most complex fractures in children occur in the evening when children are most tired. Many occur on weekends, after dinner when the child is usually asleep on weekdays.

I know it will be difficult to stop a runaway horse when we end the confinement, but here are my tips for parents.

Avoid sweets and colas, and avoid extra excitement.
    (Yes, I know they should not drink, Carlos Casabona and Julio Basulto know, but the sentence of one day is one day. Day zero after the end of confinement will not be the best day to skip that rule...)
Avoid parks where there are obstacles or any place with more children than the allowed capacity.
    I assure you that the collective excitement will not be the best that day.
It would not be the best time to visit leisure places with mattresses, saltings or ball pools.
    Perhaps the ideal place is the field without many obstacles or running along a beach until exhausted.
Be careful that day with bicycles, scooters, and skateboards.
    Better to use them in the morning -less fatigue- than towards sunset. Or maybe for day two or three after the end of confinement.
That first day, perhaps in the evening, will be a fabulous time to come home and take a nice relaxing bath.
    You know your son better than anyone; you know when he is tired.

A withdrawal in time will be a victory.

To all those who believe that children are made of rubber: NOOOOO!… I encourage you to read this post: Child fracture. Children are not made of rubber.

I assure you that the Santa Tecla trauma team and all pediatric hospitals dread that first day.

Here: is the short children’s version: April 26, the first outing with children. Five points.
End of confinement. Trauma advice: for older people.

Believe it or not, if you have been confined for a month and a half or more, you have lost muscle mass and balance. Unless you have taken care of yourself and played sports for at least one hour a day, if you dare and are still confined, I will give you some links so you can train a little before going out.
The test of your physical form.

You can take a test to find out if you can be a person at risk. See if you get up from chairs using one hand or two hands. If you use at least one hand to get up… you should read the following points carefully.

If a knee or a hip fails you, help yourself for a few days with a cane. Or two with Nordic walking.
    I know it is not elegant, and it is getting older, but if you break your femur... then you will be older.
    My article explained the older man's hip fracture when my grandmother Remei suffered. Hip fracture in the elderly: my grandmother.
    Moreover, if she feels like it, review everything in your power to avoid falls in the elderly. How to prevent falls in the elderly. Ten basics.
    If you suffer from knee osteoarthritis, try to exercise what you allow. Exercise bike, getting up from the sofa every half hour, going up and down stairs...
        Here is a link to some exercises for the Chondromalacia patella. Chondromalacia: basic exercises.
Go out accompanied the first days with a family member.
Better three short walks than one long one and tire yourself to exhaustion.
    Little by little, you will gain strength and confidence.
Try not to carry weight, and try not to calm your anxiety with food; five kilos more the day of the end of confinement will be a torment for your knees and lower back.
Just as women dream of returning to their usual hairdresser: Sonia, I need you! It would be essential to go back to your trusted physiotherapist to evaluate you and set some specific exercises for you.
  I have the bones out of place; I already explained it… an exercise that is not a sport will be essential to re-educate your machinery in the face of this break.

My advice to you: less is more.

Here is my last post regarding confinement—post-confinement bone pain With links to the SERMEF.
The simile of the classic car. 300,000 kilometres.

When someone owns a car that has already driven many miles and one day you take it to the workshop if the part you need has to come from far away and it takes a month, that break does not suit the car at all, and when you use it again or another fault appears, or you must do a break-in. The same thing will happen to you so slowly and lovingly.
I will not be the one to do exercise tutorials during confinement, but I will encourage you to exercise.

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