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best clothes combination for autumn

best clothes combination for autumn

The autumn/winter 2021 season is about to start, with it, the change in trends and the way we dress from head to toe. As always, these seasons of the year are related to humid and cold climates, so choosing clothes that cover and shelter us more is nothing new.

Coats, jackets, scarves, and boots are garments that usually come out of the closet to become the protagonists of our looks in the following months. But what to wear not to look the same as a year or two ago? We tell you what clothes are for this fall/winter 2021 that you should buy this season and how to combine them to look incomplete trend and with a lot of styles.

How to combine your wardrobe to dress in autumn fall layers ?

Considering that the weather is changeable this season, dressing in layers is an ideal option that allows you to cover yourself from the cold and rain. But also cool off a bit when it’s hot.

Some ideas for layered views are:

One-color t-shirt + printed sweater + matching solid handkerchief + skinny jeans + blazer or overcoat.
Skirt + stockings + blouse + scarf + jacket or overcoat.

Find the balance so that the layers can stand out from each other and not overshadow each other. You will surely achieve a perfect look.
Colors, colors, colors!

We know that dark and opaque ranges, such as brown and black, are this season’s favorites. But try bringing your wardrobe to life this fall. Colors are in fashion these months.

Combine gleaming white with vibrant tones, and you will see how your outfit, and indeed your mood, will be repowered.

Try the following:

Monochromatic looks using pastel or bright colors.
Combine neutral tones with colors like red, yellow, or fluorescent colors that are in trend.
Purple is the color of fall trends; take advantage of it.
Have fun creating combinations. Fuchsia + yellow. Blue + Green + Orange. Red + Fuchsia. And so, endless contrasts that will make you look fabulous.

They are the protagonists this fall. Plaid, stripes, and polka dots. In bright or neutral colors. They have stolen the looks on all the catwalks.

Remember that maximalist looks are also very fashionable, so you can combine patterns and colors to look like a true fashionista.

Horizontal + vertical stripes.
Polka dots + stripes.
Lines in different thicknesses.
Scottish paintings of different sizes.

As long as your combinations make you feel comfortable, you see them prudent, and you identify with them, you are free to wear what you want.
Denim as a complement

Denim does not go out of style. Only the way it is used varies. The total denim look stopped being the favorites. These pieces must now be combined and used as a compliment. Thus, we let the denim trend rest a bit to get into the textures of other fabrics.

So, you can play with:

Leather pants + T-shirt + scarf + denim jacket.
Cloth or sequin skirt + denim button-down shirt + stockings + scarf or kerchief.
Jeans + button down shirt + sweater + scarf + overcoat.

Gray hoodies with camel coats

Look composed of gray pants, a gray hoodie, and a camel coat.

Young man wearing gray pants, gray hoodie, and a camel coat in Paris

Combine these two garments that, at first glance, are unrelated, and you will be correct. While the hoodie is more for an informal look, the coat in this tone is a must for the classic man and is usually used on more formal occasions. However, if you decide to use both, you will achieve a fresh and trendy fall look. Add some formal pants or jeans, and you’re done.

black turtlenecks

Look composed of a suede ensemble with a turtleneck sweater.

A young man in Paris wearing a suede ensemble with a turtleneck sweater

Steve Jobs is the style icon that inspired us to wear these types of sweaters again. Yes, turtlenecks are back, but the difference with other years is that black is the color that will reign in this autumn/winter 2021 season. They are very adaptable and an excellent option to wear both on the street and in the office or even at the home office. You can use them with practically everything. Take this look in brown and black as an example.

Belted coats and trench coats, and knitted sweaters

Look composed of a trench coat and a high neck sweater.

A young man wearing a raincoat with an ivory high neck sweater around Paris

Coats and raincoats also start their way out of our closets. The home office has set the trend of wearing the loosest and most comfortable clothes to work from home; that is why this fall o-winter, there is a trend to use them with greater ease and a belt to simulate how comfortable it is is to be at home. Wearing a chunky piece of fabric like a sweater underneath will add texture to your outfit and lots of charisma. You will be the best dressed of all!

Go preparing all your pieces for this new season that arrives loaded with comfort, attractive colors, and new ways of wearing them. Thus, you can give your days a unique and elegant touch. It is enough to make the perfect combinations and very ad hoc to the occasion.

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