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Why is the paleo diet healthy?

Why is the paleo diet healthy?

Legumes are a source of essential amino acids, low in fat, and very healthy.

Let’s go a little further, just as there are studies that speak of the benefit of the Paleo diet. Research points to the benefits of a diet based on the exact opposite: this study in which more than a dozen researchers have participated and centers around the world show that eating less protein. More carbohydrates are associated with lower mortality. Of course, it is a study carried out with mice, so it is not easy to extrapolate the result to humans.

As with the most recent scientific topics, all this is not a matter of a handful of investigations, but it will be time and effort that determines the scientific consensus. Understanding the best nutritional pattern is not easy. At the moment, we have many dietary options on the table. Is limiting our diet to foods available in the Paleolithic one of the best? It is still early to answer for sure.
What foods are eaten on the Paleo diet?
paleo diet foods

When most people hear the list of foods that should not be eaten because they are against our health, they think they have practically nothing left to eat, which is a clear sign. This shows how far we are today from a diet based on real food.

It is not so difficult to know if a food you should consume or not. The more original that food is, the better. Buy unprocessed foods and cook them healthily (basically avoiding fried foods), and you will almost certainly be following the diet well.

On the contrary, some people say that a balanced diet means eating everything, but I tell you that yes you have to eat everything, but everything is good !!!

Why is the paleo diet healthy?

Not only do we eliminate foods that are at odds with our health (cereals, legumes, and dairy), but we also increase our intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

There are arguments against, opinions that defend a position, and there are those that go against whatever the issue to be discussed. It is simply a matter of researching to find out where we want to position ourselves, and I have it clear.

we will analyze the foods that are considered good for health, and therefore their consumption is recommended.
Lean proteins

Proteins make up a large part of the foundation of this diet.

Lean meats are recommended as they maintain strong muscles, healthy bones, and optimal immune function. Plus, protein has been shown to make you feel full between meals too.

When we talk about lean meats, we mean the less fatty cut. For example, a lump of lean Meat is chicken breasts, and lamb ribs are not lean.

What kinds of foods are these? Meat, eggs, fish and shellfish.

Their quality also plays a fundamental role. You may have already realized that the most important thing in this diet is healthy, and only by giving the best to the body can we hope for the best. Whenever possible, opt for animals that have been in the wild.

Today there is an overproduction of food to supply a large population, but the quality of an egg from a hen that has lived like a real hen will not be the same as that of one that has been caged, without moving as it would. Without eating as he would and with some somewhat questionable injections.

The main message is that grass-fed Meat (free range animals) is much healthier than conventional Meat. Here you have an article that explains how to choose the eggs you eat well because sometimes the message on the packaging can be a bit misleading.

Whether they are organic products or not depends a little more on your budget because although it is true that if you buy organic, the shopping basket shoots up.

Perhaps your entire basket doesn’t need to be ecological; perhaps there are products in which it is worth the investment. It is your health; there is no better place to put the money.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that have been shown to reduce the likelihood of you suffering from a series of degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and neurological deterioration.

Saying fruits and vegetables opens an almost endless fan in front of us even though most of us have always consumed a very small part of all the possibilities we have.

Try again to ensure that the food you consume is of the highest quality possible.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are not only the best at the time but also the cheapest.

If you can consume organic products, it will be better because they haven’t been treated with chemicals. One tip so that the supermarket bill does not skyrocket is to opt for normal fruits and vegetables that have thick skin and that you can discard, and spend a little more money on those that the skin is thin or you do not peel.
Healthy fats

Not all protein is the same, not all carbohydrates … In the same way, not all fat is the same.

Scientific research shows that diets rich in monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fats dramatically reduce obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive decline.

What foods are a good source of healthy fats?

Nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, fish oil, and Meat from free animals.

This type of diet is not based on telling you how much you have to eat by weight of one food. Protein should be the main part of the diet, along with vegetables and fruit. And the nuts, seeds, avocados, oils should be the smallest part.

This diet does not establish how many times you should eat per day. It is best if you eat until you are satiated and eat again when you are hungry. It does not have more relevance as you want to adapt it for you.

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