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can Paleo Diet Have Harms?

can Paleo Diet Have Harms

The paleo diet has no harm in itself. Nor does it have to have benefits. In reality, it all depends on how it is designed and adopted. For people who are not trained and are looking for quick and miraculous results, especially those who follow the indiscriminate advice obtained from the internet, this diet (like any other) can have an exclusion component that can be negative. For example, excluding legumes from the diet can significantly lose plant proteins, vitamins, and fiber. Although of lower quality in nutritional density, Cereals serve to complement the lysine, glycine, and methionine triangle. Depending on the diet, eliminating them can also backfire.

Also, together with cereals, they are a source of essential amino acids, low in fat, although their role in the diet is currently much more debated. Dairy products, although not essential, can be a good source of calcium and vitamin D, among other nutrients of high biological value. Finally, a poorly understood or poorly documented paleo diet can exclude these foods.
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On the other hand, for those who remain in some obsolete values ​​on this type of diet, the paleo diet could invite you to consume a lot of lean meat. As the WHO announced, the consumption of red meat has been associated with a greater probability of suffering from cancer or even other types of diseases.

Several studies associate the consumption of meat (of any type) with higher mortality. From the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology of Cancer of Bethesda, this one marks the association between different types of meat, its consumption, and the substances present in them. Furthermore, the study is quite robust, having analyzed more than 500,000 cases.

So focusing your diet on these types of foods does not seem like the best option. However, again, it all depends on how we design it. On the other hand, there is currently much more dietary variety, greater knowledge, and better access to all types of food. Restrictive diets have been shown to have a very negative influence on people’s health. Turning the paleo diet into a restrictive pattern is relatively straightforward for someone with little documentation.
In the study of human remains from that period, the same results have not been found as in carnivores animals, while some findings have shown that they also consumed some cereals and legumes, even tubers, although they will not cultivate them yet.

can Paleo Diet Have Harms?

The humans who have approached such a diet rich in meat and fish are believed to live near the Arctic, where plants are not easily found. This would demonstrate another of the arguments against the paleo diet. Being nomads and facing various species and fauna globally, a specific diet cannot be determined for all human beings in Prehistory.

Another argument is the evolution of the planet and human beings. The food that we now have is not the same as what our ancestors found. At that time, refined flours did not exist. Tomatoes contained toxins, and wild lettuce was bitter, even bananas, which did not exist if they were part of this diet. In short, food has evolved just like us, and we no longer have the level of active life that they had to maintain to hunt and escape predators.

Christina Warinner, professor of anthropology at Harward, emphasizes that we no longer have so many things in common with the beings of that period, that we have adapted to many foods that they could not tolerate and defends that many of the arguments in favor of the paleo diet they are not based on studies by archaeologists and anthropologists.
What is the Paleolithic diet?

It is a diet that is becoming more and more popular within the CrossFit boxes and little by little outside of them. But if you still do not know what it consists of, stay that I explain it to you.

You hear more and more about this diet, although precisely what characterizes it is not a modern diet, based on today, if not exactly the opposite. It aims to take us back in time to return to our origins and feed ourselves with what we have been doing for millions of years.

The idea is that in this way, going back to what we have been doing for 2 million years is what our body is supposed to be prepared for. The rationale is that feeding ourselves in this way is how our body works best; the better it responds, the healthier it is.

The diet Paleolítica is based on eating those foods that will make you feel better because they favor your health, and you want to avoid those that do the opposite.

So far, it seems quite logical. Eat what is good for you; discard what is not.

As logical as it may seem, it is not what we are doing with today’s diet.

Although health is the primary focus in the hunter-gatherer diet, following this diet will lose weight if you have excess weight and allow you to stay at your ideal weight, strong and full of energy. They are small positive consequences that lead to a healthier life.

As I said initially, it is about emulating the type of diet our ancestors had in Paleolithic times and precisely getting away from all the preparation and junk food that we have invented today.

The modern diet is full of refined foods, trans fats, and sugar, direct causes of serious illnesses such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and infertility.

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