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the pumpkin and its versatility in the kitchen

the pumpkin in the kitchen

If something has the star of autumn, it is its versatility. This is that we can enjoy it both in sweet dishes and in savory dishes where the pumpkin impregnates the dish with sweet touches and a subtle flavor.

When it comes to cooking it, we also have to talk about versatility since it admits all types of cooking. From raw to the oven, through steam, short or long cooking, frying or grilling, you cook it as you cook it, it will delight everyone.

Try adding them to your salads, both raw and in warm cooked pieces, to give the salad a temperature point, a good vinaigrette, and you will have a nutritious and healthy dish typical of this season.

A classic, cream or pumpkin puree. Perfect as we have indicated above to enjoy a relaxing dinner that prepares us for a good night’s sleep.

Sweets, cakes, puddings, jellies … dare to use pumpkin as the main ingredient in your sweet recipes. It will provide the sweet touch you need without having to resort to industrial and refined sugars.

Pumpkin salad

At this point, we are convinced that you will want to incorporate the pumpkin into your day-to-day, so we give you the keys to cook it and not throwback its size or presentation in the market.

First of all, you should choose the piece in the market, opt for one with an excellent luster, a homogeneous color, and that does not present bumps. Today, to make things easier for us, you can buy it whole or directly choose to buy a piece; in this way, we save having to cut it, something that usually puts us back when buying raw pumpkin in the market.

You can also find it already clean, chopped, and even cooked, like what we offer you from Huercasa. Ready to consume or add it to your favorite dishes and recipes, so you don’t waste a second in the kitchen and dedicate yourself to enjoying other necessities while taking care of your diet.

If you have bought the pumpkin raw, the first thing you will need is an excellent knife to peel and chop it.

We recommend not throwing away the seeds and using them to, for example, let them dry, toast them and add them as a complement to your salads or if you prefer to make a rich vegetable drink. Pumpkin seeds are another great source of nutrients, so do not stop benefiting from them; they have a high nutritional value, they are, among others, rich in vitamins A, B, E, and F, also in essential amino acids, and even if you could not They appear to have a large amount of protein. Also, some essential minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium, zinc, and a lot of iron and linoleic acid. Almost nothing!

Once we have the pumpkin pieces, you will only have to choose the cooking method you want to give them.

Remember that it admits anyone, from steam to oven or embers.

The smaller we make the pieces, the faster they will cook, thus reducing the electricity consumption in your kitchen. The cooking time will range from 5 minutes for a short cooking time to 20 or 30 minutes if we want to cook it on the grill or in the oven starting from the raw pumpkin.

Once you have it cooked to your liking, which you can check when the pieces are tender, more or less to your liking, you can use it for your favorite recipes or keep it in a container in the fridge for up to a week so that you can use it at your own pace. Convenience.

It is no longer an excuse that the pumpkin is complicated to peel, split or cook. And if you prefer, remember, the one from Huercasa is ready to eat or add to your dishes, cooked entirely naturally, without additives or preservatives, just as you would prepare it in your own home.

To open a fiddle gourd first is to wash and dry it well; then, we can cut the ends with a good sharp knife. If it is tremendous and uncomfortable to handle, the simplest thing is to cut it in half lengthwise, even cutting these halves into portions. A Y-type manual peeler is the most helpful tool for removing the skin without wasting pulp. Once peeled, we can remove the seeds and internal fibers and work the pulp as it suits us best.

These seeds can also be used. They are very nutritious, and we can eat them once toasted with spices or sautéed, after washing them well to remove the pulp remains. They usually are so small that they can be taken whole, although we will have to peel the larger ones like the s typical sunflower seeds.


Pumpkin can be cooked like any other vegetable, but thinking more of tubers such as sweet potato and potato, or root vegetables such as carrots. It is well cooked and steamed, although it will be somewhat bland. It offers better results by incorporating it into stir-fries, stews, soups, and stews, wonderfully enriching creams, and vegetable purees, or making it the queen of the show by itself. Its creamy texture, once crushed, is ideal for enjoying all kinds of comforting creams in autumn and winter.


It adds a lot of flavor and texture to slow cooking stews, also in a quick pot with legumes, either with cold meats or in vegetarian dishes; It is perfect for reducing the caloric density of potato stews, as it presents similar results to this one, but with fewer carbohydrates. If we are not worried about calories, it is delicious combined with dairy products such as cheese and cream baked in the oven or pasta sauce.

Asada takes on a higher gastronomic level, concentrating its flavors in the oven, reducing the water content, and creating a Maillard reaction that caramelizes its natural juices. It can be grilled chopped, in discs or cubes, or in halves to fill or remove the pulp. As explained here, it is the best method for making homemade pumpkin puree, ideal for baking recipes.


Its texture and sweet flavor, which pairs perfectly with autumn spices, make it the queen of autumn desserts. With it, we can prepare loaves of bread and rolls, cakes, pie-type cakes or cheesecakes, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, muffins, muffins, cookies, or the now famous * pumpkin spice latte * coffee. The possibilities are almost endless.

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